25G/100G Data Center Solution

Next-generation data center network with hyperscale,
ultra-low latency and automatic operation

  • Reduced Cost Per Bit

  • High-performance Businesses

  • Benefits from Chips

  • Low Convergence Ratio


Key Features of Ruijie’s 25G/100G Network Solution

Hyper Scale

• Single cluster>100,000 servers

• Centralized computing to reduce cost

Low Latency

• Enable RDMA business with ultra-low latency

• Leverage PFC and ECN to provide end-to-end lossless forwarding for RDMA


• Enable configuration, operation and maintenance automation

• Centralized computing to reduce cost


• Enhance INT to monitor the path and latency of data stream forwarding end-to-end

• Leverage gRPC open interface to rapidly expand





For inquiries, email us at info@agdatacom.com

Source: https://www.ruijienetworks.com/solutions/25g-datacenter