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World-Leading Telephone System Handsets Suitable for any Business

Communication is a central part of most businesses today. Building and maintaining professional relationships with your customers is vitally important for any organisation. Here at Panasonic we understand the importance of this and your need to ensure your business is using the most reliable communications solution, with superb reliability and sound clarity. Our range of telephone system handsets provides you with everything you would expect from a world leading communications solutions organisation capable of meeting your communication needs.

Handsets Types

Our telephone system handsets consists of six different product ranges, including IP handsets, digital handsets, analogue handsets, DECT handsets and SIP desktop telephone terminals. By offering a broad product range, there is sure to be a telephone handset system to meet the needs of your business which is compatible with your current phone system.

Form and function

Our industry-leading range offers stylish, compact, lightweight, durable, intuitive and comfortable designs. Ergonomically designed with large alphanumerical touch screen displays to enhance users’ daily productivity, our sleek and ultra-modern designed handsets are also available in different colours to suit a number of office decors.

Benefits and Features

Product usability and the ability to provide quality communication is the foundation all of our telephone system handsets are built on. A host of comprehensive and advanced features are incorporated into all of our telephone handsets designed to improve user experience.

Intuitive technology, innovative features and applications set our handsets apart from any other.
All models are available with a range of key features*, including:

– High visibility back-lit LCD display screens
– Large alphanumeric displays
– Self-labelling keys
– Easy navigation keys
– Multi-tilt angle adjustment
– Optional hands-free communication with Bluetooth headsets

Featuring superb voice quality with voice cancellation, Panasonic telephone system handsets offer the level of quality your business deserves. Integrating wireless headset support, full duplex hands free speakerphone and Bluetooth ensures efficient and flexible call management.

*- Features vary by model – please see individual specifications for full details.

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