HeroApps by XPossible


  • HeroApps can be installed directly into selected models of TVs without set top boxes. Current brands of TV supported are Samsung, LG, Philips & Sony.
  • HeroApps CMS can manage TV channels via LAN (multi-cast IP streaming) and via coaxial (DVB/T2 signal). Enables it to be implemented in hotels that have no LAN port in the guest rooms.
  • HeroApps can interface directly to many hotel PMS including Opera, INFOR, etc. HeroAPPS is also able to interface to PMS via XPossible Connect internet gateway (HMiddle). They can also interface with the Hotel’s Room Management System (RMS) which enables guest to control the lights, aircon tempurature or even window shutter etc by using the TV. Including interface with Fire Alarm System (FAS) to display emergency alert messages in the guest room TV.
  • HeroApps has a Patient Entertainment System for hospitals to help support patients through their stay at the hospital. It also has interface with hospital management system (HL7 interface). These HL7 specification documents provide the framework in which to communicate patient information between healthcare organizations, products and equipment’s.
  • Compatible to work with Chromecast to cast content from guest’s devices onto guest room TV and with hotels which are already using our XPossible Connect gateway.



HeroApps Interactive introduces its new age IPTV platform that acts as an all in one value pack for hospitality. It functions as a flexible way to expand guest’s entertainment to a higher level. This is further combined with opportunities to cross-sell. Utilizing the opportunity of HeroApps End-to-End Hospitality IPTV Systems enables clients to upgrade their entertainment amenities at hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes and/or cruise ships. You can have HD TV channels reception, fully customizable guest services user interface on-screen to facilitate food order, TV archives, guest media player, on-demand movies, local touristic information service, internet service access, chromecast and more.

The system also contains an easy to use reception interface that facilitates guest requests management. HeroApps’ IPTV platform is a prompt way to achieve the realization of any hospitality dream by creating a standalone operation or full integration with property management systems.Customizable and available in a number of standard styles, the HeroApps Interactive IPTV Portal is a perfect solution for hotel TV deployments, residential TV systems, corporate boxes, care homes and hospitals. XPossible is now an authrized distributor for HeroApps in the region and we provide both presales and after sales support.

For inquiries, email us at info@agdatacom.com

Source: http://www.xpossible.com/heroapps.php?product_id=87