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Voice quality of VoIP calls is always a primary concern for anybody looking to utilize an IP phone system. Since recent years, VoIP industry have been fast growing and also providing users of inexpensive solutions with no trouble from minor annoyancesto serious impediments. Among these solutions, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is commonly used worldwide.

VoIP call recording is not con ned to the  nancial sector anymore. It is important to many other sectors too because employees and customers need protection too. Multisuns Mini SIP is the enterprise-class passive SIP call recording software capable of recording SIP-based soft phone, hard phone and smart phone calls by snif ng network traf c. It is particularly designed for use by the small-to-medium sized organizations.

Key Features

Software Solutions

Mini SIP is the SIP call recording solution without the need of using any hardware card.

Standard SIP Call Recording Solutions

Mini SIP supports voice recording for native SIP, SIP Trunk, SIP IP PBX and more

Intelligent Search for Recorded Calls

Quick search with date-time, week; advanced search to narrow down the result of search by using as many criteria as needed, such as extension number, dialed number. Caller ID.

User’s Access Control

System administrator can add new users, delete users and con gure access permission in per user basis.

Excellent System Security

User’s operations get no involvement with Windows log-on, eliminating Windows system safety concerns.

True Web-based Support

By using Internet Explorer 8.0 or above, users can monitor line status in live, search for call recordings; and run system con gurations as well. Furthermore, uses can export call recordings and save them to designated storage device in WAVE or MP3 format.

System Alert

Three classes of system alerts are available and the alerts can be automatically delivered to the pre- assigned recipients thru email.

Error Reporting and Logging

Once a system error, such as broken channel connection, hard-disk fail, was detected, the system immediately sends out error messages and aggregate all the messages to a central database for checkup and review whenever needed.

Local or Remote Backup

Backup storage device can be placed in local or remote location.

Channel Monitoring in Real-time

Channel status (e.g. idle or on-call), inbound/outbound numbers and more can be reviewed in real time.

State of Art Interface for Playback

Previous, next, fast-forward, fast-backward, one- by-one or loop play, drag-and-drop play, play speed control and several others

Flexible Rules for Kill File and Recycle

On-line hard disk free space can be maintainedaccording to the user-programmable thresholds, such as free space percentage, number of archived days. In addition, audios and database records are maintained by individual manner.

Rich Support for Backup Storage Device

Backup storage device can be Blu-Ray, DVD RAM, NAS, eSATA hard disk, USB hard disk, external RAID.


Mini SIP

Recording channels: 10 or 20 *

Supported RTP voice format: G.711(A-law/μ-law)、GSM6.10、G.729

Supported recorded audio format: IMA ADPCM, IMA ADPCM stereo, MSGSM

Number of backup device supported: 1

Recommended Requirements

CPU: Intel Pentium 6 generation dual core or above

Memory: DDR3 4GB or above

Hard disk size: 500GB or above

Network card: Intel Gigabit CT Desktop adaptor (Intel 82574L) or above

Operation System: Windows 7 or above

Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or above

* Channel number is subject to user’s network structure.




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