Energy Management System

Our EMS (Energy Management Service) comes with total solutions that can be tailored respectively for various fields, and our aim is to exceed customers’ expectations towards energy saving. The competitive advantages of our EMS come from the construction experiences we’ve accumulated throughout the years, the capabilities of project management we’ve gained from all the successful cases, and also our value-added energy management software, and by providing different flexible payment models, our goal is to build up intelligent and optimal energy environment for our customers.

BEF aims to achieve better energy-efficiency by implementing our own EMS solution—eFOM (E-Formula Facility Operation Management), which includes functions for SCADA, Smart Energy Management, and Intelligent Maintenance System.

Manage and consolidate energy being consumed at the facility which includes building, HVAC (Chiller, AHU, FCU…) and electric (UPS, SMR…) equipment, and LED. Real-time data and reports are also provided. Parameter settings by professional to control equipments operating schedule and efficiency to reach their optimization. EMS is self-learning by analyzing data through all the sensors built-in through the project, which leads to energy saving.

Services We Offer

Reduce your Energy Costs and Optimze your equiqments with our EMS

  •  Reduce Cost
  •  Automated Response
  •  Reduce Greengases
  •  Optimize Equipment



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